CT Music Straps Inc.

Designer Leatherworks Division


These are a few testimonials from clients of ours.

“I love how C.T. made my own personal strap! The one thing I noticed about it is that he made it different from everyone else’s. It’s so unique. I get to go all around the world on stage every night with this beautiful strap thanks to him. Huge surprise tonight when C.T. Showed up with … More Autumn Nelon Clark

Autumn Nelon Clark

“C.T. has made another unbelievable strap! It amazes me how detailed he is when it comes to making a strap just right and giving me exactly what I want.” It is the most beautiful piece of art I’ve ever seen, and I can’t believe I’m the one who gets to perform on stage with it! … More Alana Flowers Gibson

Alana Flowers Gibson

“Communication was the key to the completion of this beautiful strap…” “This was my first experience with a true custom strap fabricated especially for me and I was very pleased with the product that CT and Trish created. Communication was the key to the completion of this beautiful strap, and CT, and Trish, as well … More Pam Gray

Pam Gray


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