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Standard Sales and Orders
All sales are final and subject to the terms agreed at checkout by the date the customer places order.  All Deposits and payments are non-refundable. If an item is discontinued we may substitute another of equal or greater value. It is the customer’s responsibility to read and agree to our terms either by printing out, signing and mailing to our address or by selecting to be taken to our order page when processing payment via bank or credit card.  Moving forward with deposit, partial payment, or full payment confirms agreement to the following Terms and Conditions:

Checkout Payments:  We accept major credit card payments at checkout via PayPal. For customers in the USA personal checks or money orders are gladly accepted; but they must be made out to CT Music Straps, mailed, and clear the bank before we can process your order. If you plan to use a check or money order for standard or store items, please print and mail your order. If you are using a check to pay for custom project deposits, you must first contact us by phone.

Domestic standard orders shipped within the states either priced on our website or an e-commerce store can be conveniently ordered via credit card or PayPal without contacting us. All international orders must checkout by credit or bank card via PayPal and contact us for shipping rates that allow for customs, tariffs, etc. We will notify and request freight approval for those ordering outside the USA before processing shipment. All orders placed with a third party shopping cart or merchant processor are subject to the terms of that checkout system as well.

Custom Special Order Projects
Contact us: Custom Special Order Projects require communication with our sales and design consultants in order to receive a price quote before placing an order. We will be happy to provide a free, preliminary quote once the general concepts are discussed. Custom work also takes much longer to complete. Once designs are finalized, and financial obligations are met according to the invoice statement, tentative start, progress, and completion dates can be discussed. Only an authorized representative of CT Music Straps can determine the actual start, completion and shipping dates for these custom projects. Your agreement defined by these terms is with our company, CT Music Straps Inc., so any member of our staff may be involved with your custom project from sales to production to delivery.

Gifts and Gift Certificates: Our price agreement is with the buyer; therefore if custom work is done for clients acting on behalf of another individual, such as a gift, it is the buyer’s responsibility to provide means for us to have correct size and selection information. Once any phase of the project has begun, we are not responsible for the response of 3rd party recipients should they be different from the buyer. Gift certificates are only valid if they include the name of the buyer and value amount that matches our records.

Special Materials and Exceptions
We do not work with Exotic Skins, such as snakeskin, Raw and or Untanned Hides. We only work with tanned or finished leathers that we procure for you so we can control the quality. We are not a taxidermist or tannery. We do not accept raw, untanned skins of any type. If we must special order a unique leather that we do not have in stock; we may require an additional surcharge to do so. This could be as much as the entire price of the hide, if we can not locate a smaller piece.

Parental Consent for Minors 
(If You are 18 or older, Skip this Section)

We respect family values and parental authority when it comes to minors desiring to order a project. If you are under 18 years of age, you shall receive a preliminary quote on a general design concept, but we will require confirmation that you have parental consent before we discuss details and final pricing. Requirement of Parent or guardian’s giving consent to a representative of CT Music Straps either by phone or in person ensures that peaceful relationships are maintained as well as ability to meet the price quote, deposit and delivery expectations. In cases where parental authority has been relinquished to 3rd parties such as management groups that control some of the financial portion, they shall be considered competent to act on behalf of the client who is a minor.

Custom Deposits and Payments
Deposits: As a general rule, custom projects quoted $300 or less require full payment in advance. For projects priced over $300 a non-refundable design deposit of no less than 50% of total quoted price allows our team of talented designers to assist you with the specifics concerning your custom project in the design phase and reserve a tentative spot in our production schedule until design selections are approved. Upon design approval, a more accurate estimated quote may be required and your remaining balance or another installment is due to order materials or release your project to production. If you have been mailed a measuring kit as part of the design and measuring phase, you must complete measurements and return the kit before we can move forward with your designs. Should you fail to return the measuring kit within 90 days, your order may be cancelled and all deposits or payments forfeited unless special arrangements are made.

Pricing Info: After the price and terms are agreed upon and deposit is paid, the price will only increase per client’s final approved selections or if additional work is requested that was not originally discussed. Custom orders are subject to the electronic version of our terms, but the design process will not commence until we receive a signed copy that is either scanned or mailed to CT Music Straps Inc.

Scheduling of Your Custom Project
Securing Your Custom Order: Due to the nature of custom made-to-order merchandise, there is often a waiting list to which you can be added for future follow up at no charge. No priority is given unless an estimate is approved and order secured with deposit. While on a waiting list, you can contact us for a free preliminary price quote that is good for 30 days. If you are able to move forward with your order immediately, we will honor the preliminary pricing until designs are finalized, and a more accurate estimate can be approved. If you are told we can not begin design due to a long waiting list, a minimum of 20% Deposit of your Invoice is required to place your order in priority on our waiting list and assign a tentative design phase start date for your project. Should you anticipate moving forward at a later date after 30 days, a new and revised price quote may be necessary due to operations and supplier costs that are subject to change without notice. We require at least 50% deposit of total order to schedule production.

Production and Delivery: Special customized items require further, in depth, discussion in regards to design choices. After your project is released to production, progress updates will reach you via email or phone. Only after production is underway can we determine a tentative completion and shipping date for delivery. The balance is due at that time, upon complete satisfaction. At times, for proper fitting of “product to instrument”, it is necessary that we personally deliver the strap. If this should be the case, the client will be responsible to make all arrangements including travel expense for this meeting. 100% customer satisfaction, from conception to completion, is our goal before we even start crafting your project. Every client is important to us. Please provide us with the necessary contact information we need to handcraft our product to your specifications and meet or exceed your expectations with feedback throughout production.

Liability Exemption Clause (For Instrument Straps)
CT Music Straps Inc. or any of its representatives are not responsible for any damage done to the client’s musical instrument after delivery has taken place, upon receipt, and all modifications to the strap are completed with the final fitting. Future adjustments in regards to the “hole attachment tightness” are not included after initial fitting due to normal wear and tear, although a representative will be more than happy to assess the strap and determine a surcharge.


Warranty and Returns
Our Commitment to You: We agree to deliver a finished product to you of high quality and in new and excellent condition. In the event of an item arriving damaged or if found to be defective after inspection within 48 hours of delivery, a warranty claim should be made by contacting our office by phone, email or in person.  We will assess the claim and if necessary make arrangements for the return of product.  You will be required to return all damaged merchandise in original packaging if possible, and we will assess the damage in order to file a claim with the shipping carrier if necessary. You are responsible for return shipping costs until we verify the damage is the responsibility of the carrier, and only then will we reimburse your shipping costs only. Our product warranty guarantees a repair or replacement of equal or greater value at our discretion during the warranty period disclosed at the time of delivery.  We do not dispense give cash refunds other than shipping costs incurred due to warranty coverage.

Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty: The leather and stitching of each instrument strap, belt, or larger accessory, is backed by a 5 year, non-transferable, maintenance warranty upon receipt of delivery to cover general quality and craftsmanship. Under normal usage during the warranty period there is no charge for repairs. If abusive action is suspected, a qualified representative of CT Music Straps will be required to assess the extent of the damage and determine if covered by our limited warranty. Special settings, such as rhinestones, are covered for up to 1 year from delivery date for adhesion and mounting quality. CT Music Straps will not be responsible for breakage of rhinestones due to abuse or neglect.

Extended Maintenance Warranty: Extended warranty repair and replacement plans can be purchased separately for touring artists that subject their instrument gear to heavy wear and tear. Contact us for details on this monthly maintenance plan.

Care and Maintenance Striving for the best craftsmanship and LOW MAINTENANCE, our handcrafted instrument straps still need care and are not indestructible. The color and finish on our straps is designed to be long-wearing and water damage resistant. Avoid bringing leather articles in contact with chemicals such as alcohol or acetone as they can remove some finish. Excessive wear and tear, to be assessed by CT Music Straps, will be at the cost of the client. A qualified representative of CT Music Straps Inc. shall make this assessment.


Making Payments
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