Strap Pricing

All of our instrument straps are designed and handcrafted by American artisans. Professional touring artists may be offered musician discounts or wholesale endorsements at our discretion. Upgrades or special package offers require an itemized price quote.

Standard Guitar Strap Starting Retail Price

(Standard Straps can be ordered immediately once you agree to our Terms)

Std CT Artisan Guitar Strap Only $200

Custom Made to Order Instrument Straps

(General Retail – Requires Itemized Quote for more Exact Pricing)

Straight Custom Instrument Strap $350
Straight Custom Instrument Strap High Detail Full length $900

Professional Touring Packages (General Retail – Requires Itemized Quote)

Performer Series Stamped Guitar Strap $300
Musician Series carved / Stamped $400
Artist Series carved $500

Professional Touring Swarovski Crystal Packages (General Retail – Requires Itemized Quote)

Musician Series Carved Tooling & crystal accents $450
Artist Series Crystal Featuring Soft Leather $400
Artist Series Carved Tooling Panel & Crystal Suede $600
Artist Series Carved Tooling & Crystal Inlay (Soft or Firm) $800