Once you have decided to order a true custom handcrafted instrument strap that is uniquely made to order from CT Music Straps/Designer Leatherworks, it is important to understand that our custom design projects are not rush orders.  We take the time to listen to each customer and offer design consultation. Only a representative of CT Music Straps Inc. / Designer Leatherworks Division has the authority to set tentative and final dates for design processes, production, and completion-delivery times.

The dates are dependent on our workload and/or complexity of the project. Simple Guitar straps are completed faster than those with complex designs. Special connection straps for banjo or mandolin take more time to endure a custom fit for instrument to body. High detail carving, tooling features, special dye effects, rhinestone embellishments, etc.  require extra time and materials. Therefore, straps are not always processed on a first come-first serve basis, or even according to cost.  Follow this link to know what to expect when you are ready to order: READ MORE – ORDER INFO