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CT Music Straps Inc. is a result of over 40 years of experience in art and leathercrafting, Combined with many years design, and manufacturing experience. Continue reading the history of how it all began.

CT Music Straps History: It all Began with a Book…

In 1976 I stumbled across a high school library craft book and read a chapter on making a western style, fast draw leather gun holster, with Tandy Leather Company, Fort Worth, TX listed as a resource. After reading it several times I ordered supplies and started striving to learn the hands-on art of leathercraft.

An Honest Mistake: An Honest Day’s Work

When a local Tandy Leather dealer opened up in my hometown I stopped in to buy materials and noticed after checkout I was given too much change. I brought it to the attention of the owner who thanked me and informed me that he was looking for an honest person to mind the store when he had to be out and asked if I needed a part-time job. I accepted and learned a number of things about leathercraft while at that store – including some leather tooling methods I had been doing incorrectly.

Almost a Decade in the Making…

It was not until the mid 80’s before I actually had the opportunity to build a gun holster just like the one I had read of in the book.  Over the years I crafted wristbands, belts, hand bags, wallets, purses, gun slings, gun holster and gun belt rigs, and straps on the side while working in manufacturing, design, and engineering fields.

A Hobby Turned Business…

Besides my arts and crafts I also enjoyed playing music. I grew up singing and playing instruments with my family in churches and community functions. In 2000-2003 while attending live music events, I discussed the concept of well-fitting, designer instrument straps for use on stage with award-winning recording artists, who have played the Grand Ole Opry, such as Rhonda Vincent and The Isaacs. They were very interested in that concept so after outfitting them, I incorporated CT Music Straps in 2004.

Artists Crafting for Artists

Over the years I have had opportunities to collaborate with designers, apprentices and interns and some have been mentored and contributed their own ideas and skills to our company. Our Clients have ranged from Bluegrass, Gospel, Traditional Country, Classic Rock, to the styles of Norah Jones.

Continuing the Journey

Here are a few pictures over the years from the leather gun holster that inspired the journey into leather craft to making music and servicing recording artists with quality instrument gear. Though I never had opportunity to discuss straps with the Bluegrass Legend, Dr. Ralph Stanley, I count it a privilege to have met him in person while he lived.